Perperak Scarf

Why We Love It
Tawoos hand-woven poncho belongs to the Qashqai collection. Peacocks have been known to humans for centuries for their extraordinary tails. It is not without reason that it is called the bird of a thousand eyes. When a peacock parachutes, for example, thousands of eyes are seen. Inspired by this amazing bird and the use of magical colors, this Lili Dchi poncho will make you doubly beautiful. Peacock, inspired by the name of one of the constellations of the Southern Hemisphere and also the name of the wife of Fath Ali Shah Qajar.

Size Guidelines

Handmade scarf | Perperak design

The Perperak hand-woven scarf, designed in the Qashqai collection, with a combination of white colors and special patterns, gives you an attractive style. This Lili Dchi scarf is one of the best-selling works of the year.

Important points before buying

Note that if only the pre-order option is enabled, you should consider four weeks from preparation to delivery of the coat.
Also read the Lili Dchi size guide and make sure you buy.

Care Instructions

Please reference our upholstery care guide

100% Handmade


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