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Lili Dchi, is a fashion design company. This responsibility encompasses business planning, creative development, advertising, and sales, a role that makes Leila Doroodchi expertise absolutely critical to executing the company’s mission. She is a leader both within LiliDchi and in the fashion industry more broadly. Her work has shown the appeal of eco-friendly fashion and the market viability of female-led businesses.

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Our mission

Sustainable fashion production is regarded as one of the purposeful aspirations in LILI DCHI Collections; it is notified that the entire production process is not industrial and the main activity is handmade products. It takes approximately 100-120 hours to wave and produce completely one cape.

The natural wool that will never harm the environment undoubtedly & never damage quickly and will be usable for long time. Finally, the designs like the weaving procedures of a hand-woven carpet.

My passion to Zagros Oak Forests Every year, I have a strong desire to inspire one of the precious treasures of art of my homeland, Iran and design these trustworthy artistic motifs on my knitwear collection while it seems that nature, as the most original and the most authentic art throughout the world should not be forgotten. So that, I aim to inspire a piece of generous nature for new winter hand-woven clothes in order to create a brilliant image of the impressive glory of nature.

Leila Doroodchi

Meet the team

Designer & Co-Founder

Leila Doroodchi

Leila is a main designer and founding partner, providing smart & flexible to improve the Lili Dchi.

Creative Director

Zohreh Doroodchi

Zohreh is a UX/UI Designer. Her goal is always to find a way to create emotional designs.

Kiavash Pooladi Business Developer
Business Dev. Director

Kiavash Pooladi

Kiavash has rich experience in business developments, manage & build up startups & teams.

Marketing Manager

Zahra Doroodchi

Zahra is a manager providing smart & flexible digital services everything give.

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